Premium Red Dates Ginger Tea


Premium Red Dates Ginger Tea (RGT) is an healthy beverage made from local premium red dates, dried longan, bentong ginger, and molasses. It’s suitable for people who wants to boost their health conditions or for a speedy body recovery process.

RGT is also suitable for people who has the following symptoms:

i. Dull, tired-looking and loose skin
ii. Overworking brain, constantly experience high stress in life
iii. Poor body immune system, having frequent flu
iv. Suffers from iron deficiency anemia, or for weak patient
v. Newly delivered mother (Strongly recommended)
vi. Suffers from backache, prevent osteoporosis
vii. Suffers from menstrual pain (Strongly recommended)
viii. Suffers from spleen qi deficiency (Palpitation, memory loss, constant sleepiness, lack of energy)