Pure Bentong Ginger Vinegar


Ginger is known to aid digestive distress like bloating, indigestion, nausea and vomiting. Its powerful healing effects come from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound known as gingerols. Consuming ginger may also help in relieving bodily pains, improve immune system, improve joint circulation and cleanses the lymphatic system.

Benefits from drinking Ginger Vinegar:
i.Lowers high blood pressure
ii.Lowers cholesterol level
iii.Prevents cardiovascular blockage
iv.Lowers the risk of heart attack & stroke
v.Improves heart condition
vi.Eases constipation & regulates bowel movement
vii.Alleviates discomfort from hemorrhoids
viii.Reduce numbness
ix.Improves blood circulation to overcome mental fatigue and sleepiness
x.Aids weight management
xi.Skin whitening effects